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About Us
ENetarch is preparing to demonstrate how to build web based applications using Ladder - Our Object Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS).

ENetArch supports clients requiring network administrative and pc maintenance from single users to 50 clients in the Metro Detroit Area.

ENetArch builds better webbased applications faster using reusable repository objects (RRO's) and an our open source object oriented database management server (OODBMS) named Ladder. Read more about our solutions, products, services, and support to see how we can best serve your needs.

ENetArch is Starting Out New

The day of the static website is over with. ENetArch has created a simple interface that allows its customers to enjoy the power of object oriented programming, reusable repository objects, and an object oriented database interface into mySQL.

From this point forward, ENetArch will provide articles talking about how Ladder is being used to extend our website, and demonstrate how you the customer can benefit from using Ladder on your own websites.

Saying of the Day

The eyes believe themselves, the ears believe other people.

Today is

Eliminate Data Modeling Time
What would happen if your project timeline spent no time formalizing a data model? Would it cost you the project? What if the application’s object model could serve as the data model? more...

Windows Vista error 0x0000007E
Windows Vista recently received an update from Microsoft causing the Blue Screen of Death more...

Ladder over mySQL
Use Ladder in your next Object Oriented Application to speed design time by reducing the need to develop two different object models. more...

Build Better Customer Information Systems with Ladder